It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

To get some last minute CEUs in! Did you know that while most of the major manufacturers in our industry have channels on Audiology Online, there is also a treasure trove of text courses, transcripts and articles available as well? My favorite articles tend to be the Ask the Expert series. And if you’re free…… Continue reading It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Verification Made Easy?

A few months ago, I got up on a soap box and ranted for a few hundred words or so about how as a whole, hearing healthcare professionals needed to take a good hard look in the mirror to figure out why we are choosing to not follow best practice guidelines set out by every…… Continue reading Verification Made Easy?

Five (Audiology) Things I’m Thankful For

It’s oddly fitting that the turkey art my youngest son came home with has five large, suspiciously hand-shaped feathers to complete his foot-turkey’s tail plumes.  I had been thinking about writing an “five Audiology things I’m thankful for” post for Thanksgiving for a while now, so he not only inspired me to sit down a…… Continue reading Five (Audiology) Things I’m Thankful For

Before Tinnitus Treatment, there’s Tinnitus Assessment

“An audiologist meeting a patient complaining of tinnitus needs to identify and quantify the subjective symptom. This is necessary both to establish the clinical type of tinnitus and to recommend the correct instrumentation to manage the tinnitus. According to Richard Tyler, PhD, Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Iowa, “the quantification of a symptom…… Continue reading Before Tinnitus Treatment, there’s Tinnitus Assessment

Utilizing Robotics for Cochlear Implantation

With the approval of the da Vinci Surgical System (link HERE) in 2000 by the FDA,  the evolution of their use in surgery has made great strides in surgery assisted by robotics (for more info on robotic surgery, read up on this system on the mayo clinic’s website HERE). So it would have been safe…… Continue reading Utilizing Robotics for Cochlear Implantation

The Never-ending CEU Quest

As Illinois state Audiology license renewal was last month, CEU’s are definitely on my mind right now.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that frantically was searching for their certificates the last week of October to make sure I could renew (for the record, I had my 20+ hours!). But that doesn’t mean I’m…… Continue reading The Never-ending CEU Quest

Tinnitus and Insomnia

Hearing healthcare clinicians know the major warning signs that tinnitus is bothersome to a patient; anxiety, depression, and that never-ending ringing in their ears.  And of course, most of your patients will be able to articulate just how much the sounds in their ears are hindering their every day lives. However, fatigue is often a…… Continue reading Tinnitus and Insomnia