Wait, it’s not 2016 anymore?!

As I sit here sipping my third cup of coffee this morning, I just realized that IT HAS BEEN A YEAR since my last post in the OTObiography blog. Because I truly enjoy creating these blog posts and content for you, I do regret the length of time between posts.  However, we have had quite a few changes around here that have kept not only myself, but also my content creators very, very busy.  To put this in perspective, for those of you that are unaware of my official job title here at Otometrics/Audiology Systems I am the Clinical Support Audiology Supervisor.  This means when you call the 855 number and push 3 for audiology, you will either get myself or one of my team members on the phone.

Here is the highlight reel of a few of the major changes Otometrics/Audiology Systems has experienced this past year:

  • One of my team members had her first baby (a little girl!), and was on maternity leave for two and a half months
  • The announcement came that Otometrics was being purchased by Natus in October of 2016
  • We hired two consultants to our team that needed to be trained
  • I had a baby soon after (my second little boy!), and I was out for three months
  • The Natus purchase was approved Jan 4th of 2017
  • As soon as I came back to work at the end of March, we had only three weeks before our third annual Audiology Systems University (ASIu), of which I am the coordinator and needed to finalize last minute details as well as execute the two day conference

With that being said….we’re back! While all of these changes have been exciting and wonderful, my pet project of OTObiography was unfortunately a momentary causality. I am truly excited to be working on this project again, providing the same informational and educational content we provided you in 2016.

What is new in 2017?

  1. We are now opening this blog to everyone who is as thrilled as we are in everything “audiology”
  2. This year, I am thrilled to be working closely on OTObiography with our Marketing Communications Project Manager, Milbien Medina
  3. Together, we will be sharing exciting content including—for the first time—video blog (vblog) content featuring different members of the Otometrics/Audiology Systems team
  4. Milbien and I plan to post new content 1-2x per week

So, stay tuned as we are looking forward to making our OTObiography—not only ours—but yours as well.


Brianna Young, AuD, F-AAA, ABA Certified,  Clinical Support Audiology Supervisor for Otometrics/Audiology Systems North America


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