Embracing Growth and Change in the New Era

Hello! My name is Milbien Medina and I am very excited to be working alongside my friend and colleague Brianna Young (as mentioned on her last post) to bring the Otometrics/Audiology Systems team closer to you in 2017. Along with other updates, I will be sharing with you our Weekly Video Blog (vlog).

“Embracing Growth and Change in the New Era” is the first video of the OTObiography vlog series. This week’s vlog features Chad Boerst, VP of North America and Mona Dworsack-Dodge, AuD, Director of Market Management and Audiology. Chad  and Mona share their thoughts on the new era for Otometrics/Audiology Systems, now that we are part of Natus Medical.

This vlog is one of my favorite Marketing Projects this year because it bring focus back to THE PEOPLE, my team mates and colleagues. This vlog is inspired by our AudiologyOnline Video Spotlight (featured on audiologysystems.com) which we launched in April 2017 to describe what “Taking Customer Care to a New Level” really means (in other words, we had A LOT of great footage). I love working with people who love what they do and hope that you can feel their passion through these videos.

Over the next months, OTObiography will be featuring members of our team. As I have been told time and time again, “It is a small industry”. Let’s make it feel even smaller by getting to know each other even more. Enjoy watching our video!


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