Happy 10th Birthday, OTOsuite!

June marks the 10th year of the launch of OTOsuite – 10 years of PC based integration, 10 years of providing a smoother workflow, and 10 years of leading the industry in cutting-edge audiometric testing equipment. Prior to staring at Otometrics in August of 2014, I honestly had no idea that PC based audiometric equipment could be so seamless across so many different products; OTOsuite can work with audiometers, video otoscopy, immittance bridges, hearing aid verification (on ear and test box measurement), otoacoustic emissions, reporting…check out our Audiology Online course on the Modern Clinic here.

Though, perhaps one of the most exciting new developments for the Modern Clinic is our recent work with Phonak, and integrating our Aurical PMM system with TargetMatch.  A study conducted by Phonak confirmed that first fits utilizing the TargetMatch and PMM systems together resulted in more accurate fittings than by “eyeballing” the fitting, even when using PMM.  Watch the full presentation from our Audiology Development Manager Wendy Switalski, MBA AuD and Kailen Berry, AuD FAAA, Product Marketing and Audiology Manager at Phonak US on YouTube.

So, Happy 10th Birthday, OTOsuite! Cheers to many more years of industry firsts and making our audiologic lives easier and more efficient, one product at a time.


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