Goodbye Paper, Hello Modern!

When I was a clinician, my life revolved around two things: not running out of tape or white out, finding time to use the restroom, and hoping that my audios wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle on the way to be scanned into our EMR system (ok, that’s four things). Every test I completed was hand written, with tymp results taped to the back of the test once they were copied (again, by hand) onto the front of the audio.  Then my OAE screening results were re-copied and then taped to the back of the audio, and sometimes after re-copying the ENTIRE thing due to my sloppy handwriting, my test was finally added to a never-ending stack of things to be scanned into the EMR system. These documents then took up to two weeks to reach the top of the scanning pile, which once they were scanned into the computer were added as a PDF to the patient electronic medical record, so results were still difficult to find even after we had spent all this effort to get them into the EMR. On top of that, I would have to cross my fingers that the patient wasn’t being seen in the next two weeks, because that meant I would have to find 15 minutes in my day to go digging through the stack of still-to-be-scanned-in hearing evaluations and hope that I would find it in time for the patients follow up appointment.

Sound familiar?

As our profession moves towards a paperless environment, it only makes sense that the EMR systems we use be able to communicate with our audiometric testing equipment. Enter OTObase, the companion software of OTOsuite which acts as a translator between OTOsuite and your EMR of choice.   So not only can you now preform all of your audiometric testing electronically, with one click of a button you can push those results into your EMR.  Goodbye, paper, hello modern!  For more information on OTObase, check it out here.

You can hear our Director of SIG (software integration group) Lance Brown talk a bit about OTObase on one YouTube.  Keep your eyes peeled, as you also might see me wearing a blue shirt in that video as I discuss why I love doing what I do….

Have a great weekend, everyone!



PS- Did anyone else get that huge box of Debrox samples sent to their house? Professional life goal = achieved!



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