When a Company is Something More than Just a Business

When I was graduating in 2011, I’ll admit I did have some industry leanings.  However, I thought that I might someday work as a cochlear implant rep as I’ve always had a fascination with those devices.  I also thought that I would make the leap once I had spent a decade or two putting my newly acquired clinical skills to use seeing patients every day.  I never dreamed that I would join the industry side of things so soon after graduation, or for an equipment manufacturer!

The reason I mention this is that being part of a an organization that takes such pride in having a personal connection with our customers is one of the biggest reason I made the transition. Even at my interview, it was evident that everyone here was committed to giving our customers (and thereby, their patients) the best experience they could every single day.   As of August 6th, I will have worked for Otometrics & Audiology Systems for 3 amazing years, during which I’ve not only grown as an audiologist, but pushed myself to try new things and stretch myself on a professional level in ways I never thought possible. To that end, as another way to better serve our customers and to assist in stretching the boundaries of hearing healthcare, we publish a digital catalog every year.  This catalog not only includes our products, but articles the audiology team has written as well as interviews – interviews which are deeply personal, and (at least for me) highlight in another medium just how passionate everyone here is about hearing healthcare and the customer (patient!) experience.

Mona Dworsack -Dodge, Director of Market Management and Audiology,  summed it up quite well on page 5 of this year’s catalog.  “Within the past five years, we introduced customer-centric solutions to take customer care to a new level, including: robust Audiology Services and product support, education and service solutions and industry-first Software Integration Group (SIG) services.  As we mark the 10 year anniversary of Otosuite, which was designed to make your workflow better, we look for even more ways to leverage our support teams to maximize your investment – to give you the advantage.”  To read the full interview, click HERE.


catalog cover 2017



So, here’s to the 10th anniversary of Otosuite, here’s to our commitment to you, but most of all here’s to your patients – the reason we are all here in the first place.


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