FAKE NEWS! Or rather, how to determine what constitutes good research.

The integration of new and exciting research into my clinical practice is something that I’ve always loved. In fact, it’s something that initially drew me to the field of audiology – we get the chance to continually update our knowledge and implement them in real time, seeing the fruits of our reading labor impact our patients in a real and meaningful way.  However, there has been more than once that I’ve sat down ready to read an article with an interesting title, but then felt overwhelmed as I skimmed the titles, subtitles and graphs.  With anxiety looming, I would then put my freshly printed (yes, I still print my articles so I can make notes in the margins) article in a “to read” pile, only to have it ultimately be forever lost, a casualty of “lack of time.”

Which brings me to today’s blog topic – how can we better sift through the information laid out in a concisely written research article? How can we better determine what’s “fake” research and what’s legitimate? Facebook actually put this topic to mind for me last night, when I happened to stumble across a blog post put forth by the London School of Economics and Political Science, which had cited the original posting on the authors PERSONAL BLOG.  Dr. Jennifer Raff, PhD in genetics and bioanthropology, has outlined a fantastic way to tackle your next looming research article.  It was written with the lay-person in mind, but its methods can absolutely be translated to any publication.  Check out her fantastic article (on how to read an article – the irony is not lost on me) HERE.

For an approach to tackling articles written by and for audiologists, I still have a hard copy of my Audiology Today Jul/Aug 2014 edition next to my desk – click HERE to view  “How to Review a Journal Article” by Dr. Jennifer Shinn. She has also listed a few other resources (including articles!) in her references, and also notes the ironic connotations of reading an article to review more articles.

And now I will do my best to practice what I preach.  Here is my commitment to the interweb –  I, Brianna Young, hereby vow to, utilizing these two above listed resources, commit myself to reading at least one article a week for the rest of 2017.

Will you?


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