American Sign Language (ASL) and Modern Music

Recently, there have been several viral videos that have shown American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters killing it at rock/pop/rap concerts.  It can be perplexing to people that are hearing that those that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing can enjoy music and attending concerts – for many these social media posts are often their first exposure to a beautiful language.  Check out one interpreter giving it all she’s got below.

*WARNING* There are a few naughty words in this video, so if you do not wish to hear these I would recommend turning the volume off, or skipping this video altogether.

Awareness of ASL interpretation for those that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing has even reached the preforming artists. The popular music artist Chance the Rapper announced in mid-June that he will be providing his own hand-selected ASL interpreters for the remainder of his tour, which concludes in Phoenix, AZ on October 22nd. Check out the article by the popular music review site Pitchfork HERE.

There are even musical ASL interpretation events that often coincide with Deaf Awareness Week, which is typically in the middle to end of May every year.  While I was an undergrad at Northern Illinois University, I absolutely loved participating in one such even called Sign Sync, where students that are either enrolled in the sign language courses at NIU or that know ASL interpret songs for an audience, much like lip-syncing.  Check out the video from 2016 below.


However, there are still many people out there that may not be fully aware of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language, such as Gene Simmons of the legendary band, KISS.Gene SimmonsYou can read the full article by CNN HERE.


And with that, I’ll leave you with one final video!


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