The Challenge of Getting CEUs Live vs. Online

As a busy clinician, it is often difficult finding time to obtain Continuing Education Credits, or CEUs.  When I was seeing patients daily I often found myself completing online courses, such as from Audiology Online, in order to keep up with my state license requirements as well as my American Board of Audiology (ABA) certification requirements.  I’d squeeze in video courses when patients were running late, pausing the class and hoping it didn’t time out once I started my next hearing test, or I would complete a course over my lunch as I was filling out paperwork.  Quite frequently, however, I would find myself sitting at home on the couch with a cup of coffee in one hand, a pen and pad of paper near the other, balancing my laptop on my knees as I plowed through a few courses on a lazy Saturday morning while my husband mowed the lawn/caught up on social media on his phone/caught up on sleep (of course, that was before we had our two wild little boys in our life!).  While I prefer to attend sessions live, I often didn’t have enough PTO accrued to use for my own sanity-saving time off, let alone for attending AAA or another live session. And traveling to a course also meant there was more money involved than just a registration fee, as the cost of attending also includes a hotel stay, food, and sometimes airfare.  Even attending manufacturer training’s became difficult, which is especially crazy since there are THREE hearing aid manufacturers and Otometrics in the Chicago-land area and I still couldn’t find the time to get there.


Now, this post isn’t meant to dishearten those whose only means of accreditation are through the wonders of the internet. Like I stated in the above, I absolutely did (and continue to do) my fair share of online CEU collection. Online CEUs are also something we believe in at Otometics/Audiology Systems because we understand their value to so many.  As such, we have our own channel on Audiology Online, which you can check out HERE.  We offer online CEU courses on everything from basic audiometric principles to more advanced courses, such as ototoxic monitoring for pediatric patients and vestibular testing workflow. The one caveat is that there is a yearly subscription fee you need to pay to AO in order to obtain the CEU credit, but the wonderful thing is that all of the resources are available anytime for FREE if you just want to watch something for it’s educational value.


However, there is something so special about coming together with your colleagues, sometimes from around the country or even the world, and tackling a new concept together. Or, maybe it’s and old concept, brought to new light by new research, ideas and innovations in technology.  Otometrics/Audiology Systems are proud to host bi-annual workshops on a few topics that touch on basic testing parameters and procedures, as well as discuss basic test interpretation for a variety of test batteries. Of course, since these courses are at our North American HQ in Schaubmurg, IL, we do use our own equipment to show these tests. However, the concepts of course can be utilized however you see clinically fit.  As we are only 25 minutes from O’Hare international airport, it’s quite easy to come in and attend a course on electrophysiology (EP), videonystagmography (VNG), video head impulse testing (vHIT) or probe microphone measures (PMM, or “Real Ear”).  Provided by our  Global Product Managers, Education and Training Manager and staff audiologists, we can assist you or your entire clinic in getting up to speed on new testing procedures, or simply help you refresh your memory on a test you learned during your externship. Our next courses will be Sept 13th (EP), 14th (VNG) and 15th (vHIT), as well as Nov 3rd (PMM/hearing aid fitting).  And bonus: the course registration fee includes your hotel stay for the night prior to the course, a hot breakfast at the hotel, lunch during the course, as well as all course materials (which includes a binder with the lectures printed out so you can take notes as we go).  All you really have to do is get yourself here!


For more information, check out the picture below for a link to our Education page, or visit us at

ASI courses offered.jpg


And in case you can’t make it to our in-house courses, please don’t forget about our Audiology Online courses! Check it out by clicking the picture below.

AO channel pic.jpg


The bottom line is this – CEUs can be a challenge to obtain, no matter how you get them.  But just know that you’re not alone, and that there are some fabulous resources out there!



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