Audiometry Diagnoistics – teaching an old dog new tricks

While it really isn’t necessary to reinvent the  Hughson-Westlake procedure, audiologists can redefine ourselves in new and exciting ways simply by rethinking what our current practice looks like. For some, that’s taking on new testing procedures to keep up with their patient needs. For others, that’s taking on a new demographic of patients. And sometimes it’s something as daunting as taking on new policies, procedures, and technologies to better streamline our workflow. I believe the catch-phrase is “maximizing our time for increased productivity.”  For me, re-definition also includes attending workshops to facilitate some personal and professional growth – I write to you from a leadership workshop where I have a view of things like this:


Taking a leap of faith on technology and embracing computerized diagnostic testing equipment can be especially difficult.  It can be uncomfortable. It can be anxiety producing. But with Otosuite and our family of compatible products, Otometrics/Audiology Systems not only provides you the tools to go PC-based, we also provide the people behind the technology to give you the skills to be the most successful clinician you can be.  I know this first hand, because when I came to Otometrics three years ago I had actually never worked with our products before. But good news for me, our Astera2 clinical audiometer also has a fun attachment that looks and feels very familiar! Check out more about our Astera2,  our 2 channel  PC-based clinical audiometer  HERE.



Milbien and I are truly proud to be working on this blog for you, not because we have to, but because we are passionate about communicating with our audiology community about who we are, what we do, and what drives us.  Of course, our Sales Executives, Service Technicians, Customer Service Reps, Service Scheduling Reps and Product Support Teams also provide the best support in the industry.  And because I LOVE any opportunity for obtaining CEUs, you can actually check out an Audiology Online video we have on using Otosuite to “maximize your workflow” by clicking HERE.


Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!



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