#ASIuniversity 2018 – a recap

On March 30-31, 2018, I had the great joy of once again hosting Audiology Systems University, or ASIu for short. This was our fourth year having this event, and despite all of the work it takes to put on a comprehensive, unique student experience it was, as always, worth every ounce of effort put forth.

This year, we had 27 students from 13 different universities from across the country (and Puerto Rico!) attend our two day student focused event. Topics covered included a brief intro to Otometrics/ Audiology Systems, a lecture from our Global Balance Product Manager Maggie Boorazanes on keeping your mind open to new possibilities in audiology, and a hands on lecture and a panel discussion with our audiology staff members in attendance; see the below for an action shot from this year’s panel!

Break time!


The second half of the first day concluded with a hands on hearing aid verification and validation workshop run by our very own Wendy Switalski, US Market Manager for Fitting.  And after a long, hard day we of course had to unwind with a dinner/bowling event at our go-to spot, Level 257.

That's me on the left, and our fabulous International Marketing Manager/US Marketing guru Milbien on the right
That’s me on the left, and our fabulous International Marketing Manager/US Marketing guru Milbien on the right
Who knew bowling could be so fancy?


Our second day featured a lecture and hands on workshop by Dr Kristen Janky, head of vestibular at Boystown National Research Hospital in Ohama.  And of course, a few selfies.

It has been an absolute pleasure of mine to bring AuD students from across the country together for not only a unique look into the manufacturing world, but also give them an educational opportunity that supplements their audiological studies.  Next year, I will turn the reins over to two of our fabolous US Field Development Audiologists, Jeanette and Melissa; it makes it a little bittersweet for me knowing I won’t be so involved next year, but I am fully confident that they will continue to make this amazing student event the premier student education event in our industry.

Questions about ASIu? Feel free to e-mail me at Brianna.Young@natus.com or Jeanette at Jeanette.Fitzke@natus.com.


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